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Orpheum Kids

A place where your children may learn about the community, connect with others, learn
about life skills, and enjoy the various activities that are planned for them. Scroll
down to see what we have in store for your kids!

What We Do

Field Trips

We expose the children to many stages and aspects of their lives through field trips so that they can gain more practical knowledge.


We take the kids to exhibitions where they can see artworks or interesting artefacts displayed in an art museum or a gallery and learn more about the world around and beyond them.

Orpheum on Wheels

The Orpheum on Wheels initiative takes the teaching element of field excursions right in front of the kids, allowing them to see for themselves what they have just read or seen in the books.


Get your kids to experience the wild as we take them on camping tours with their peer groups to appreciate nature and the world outside them.




Expert Staffs




Special Events



The Orpheum Children's Science Museum

Museum Visits

Allow your children to spend their summer vacation with us, where they will be motivated and taught among varied children of all ages through the investigation of the arts and the sciences.

For Scouts

If a child is interested in joining Scouts, whether a boy or a girl, we have numerous possibilities for them and several workshops prepared so they can spend their time productively.


Whether a small birthday party or a larger event, you can rent our space so your kids can learn while having fun and be much more active.


"This is a thriving community space for kids to interact and learn new things. A diverse group of youngsters
from various locations get together and enjoy the various activities planned for them, which
is excellent for their developmental stage."
Robert D. Greeley

OUR Facts

For numerous years, we have provided some of the best opportunities for young children to explore
the world around them, as evidenced by the statistics below:

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Volunteer with us!

Volunteers are always welcome!

Whether you are looking to help once or a lot, there are plenty of opportunities for you.
We will work with you by providing ample community service hours,
internships and professional experience, and fulfillment. Do crafts with the kids using Christmas stencils.