Spring Break Camps 2017

The Orpheum Children’s Science Museum’s spring break camps will run March 20th-24th. We will have two camps running each day for different age ranges, to provide a better quality program for your student. Our camps run by the day so our listed pricing is for each day of camp. Scholarships are available for all camps.

Camp Descriptions

Messy Science -Do you like to do hands-on experiments? Have you ever made your own slime or made something that explodes? If that sounds like fun to you, come and explore some cool science experiments that might get a little messy!

Master Builders – Are you a master builder? Join us in boosting your building skills as we overcome both individual and team challenges. We will use all sorts of materials including master builders specialty LEGOs.

Dinosaur World – Would you live in a world filled with Dinosaurs? We’ll explore the world where dinosaurs lived including their habitat and eating habits. By the end of the day you might even feel like a dinosaur yourself!

Play with Physics -Physics might sound hard, but physics is involved in how you throw a ball, go down a slide, or swing on a swing set. We’ll play some games and make our own toys while learning all about physics!

Grossology – Ewww! Gross! Does it smell bad? Does it feel weird? Come join us in exploring some of those things that just gross you out.

Junior Programmer – Do you like to being in charge and giving instructions? That’s what being a computer programmer involves. Join us in your first steps as a junior computer programmer as we learn how computers think and listen and then we will practice giving them instructions through games and storytelling.

Engineer -An engineer helps build our world, from bridges, to robots, to your microwave. Come put your skills to the test as we design and problem-solve our way through some challenges faced by engineers everyday.

Journey through the Earth – Ever think about what’s under your feet? Usually the answer includes the Earth somewhere. But, what is really under the surface? Join us in exploring how the inside of our Earth works. From aquifers, to fossils, to volcanos, we’ll build and explore them all!

Robotics – Ever had a chance to build your very own robot? Join us as we learn how robots are designed, built, and programmed. By the end you’ll have the chance to build your very own robot with one of our LEGO robotics kits!